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A Different Way to Learn Math

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Creating a positive psychology toward math, our lessons are self-paced, interactive online videos, with notes, exercises and quizzes. There’s record keeping for parents along with unparalleled customer support!


Students get only the math needed based on their life’s goals. No premature theories or proofs, no obsolete or bloated material, developed by a Ph.D. in math and teacher for 50+ years using a six tier method.


We are real people here to help you and your student. Direct math support is available by email, a student forum, and if needed, a live tutorial with our Ph.D. math expert. Dr. Del, our program creator!


A Unique Integrated Tiered Approach!

Our programs are for:
  – Students just beginning post-elementary math.
  – Students who struggle or hate math.
  – Students who want the BEST college math prep possible,
                 especially if going into a STEM subject!

TIERS 1 & 2

Learn how to use a TI 30Xa Scientific Calculator, review the rules of math, and get a practical approach to Algebra, Geometry &  Trigonometry.


Get more indepth Algebra, Geometry & Trigonometry concepts while preparing for the SAT or ACT.  (NOTE: The CLT does not allow the use of calculators.)  Includes practice SAT tests. 


Learn Pre-Calculus with a unique handling of Complex Numbers and learn to use Wolfram Alpha to solve any math problem.


Master the concepts of Differential and Integral Calculus using Wolfram Alpha that makes solving equations easy.

Self-paced Online Video Lessons with Exercises, Quizzes & Record Keeping!

Here’s What Parents and Students Tell Us…

I’d like to thank you for all of your teachings and your help. I find it funny that before high school I planned to have nothing to do with math in my job, but now I will be specializing in it! I believe that Triad Math is a good program to consider. Students that hate math should especially consider doing your math curriculum. The forum is helpful, giving the student the opportunity to contact help even on the weekends (the staff is very patient). All in all, I believe everyone would benefit from this program as a whole.

Riley M.

Student, TN

Thank you so much!  I am just in shock!!!  We went from such a hard, hard struggle and failing it all to finding this program and now my son is acing it all!!  I cannot thank you guys enough for what you do!

Lindsey R.

Homeschool Mom, TN

My daughter took the intro course on the use of the calculator and has learned a lot and enjoyed it at the same time! You’ll be able to help a lot of kids with this program. My daughter loves it!

Lorrie C.

Homeschool Mom, CA

This is EXACTLY what we need!!! My son, who struggles so badly with Math, is excited that we finally have something he can follow along with. THANK YOU so much!!!

Michele G.

Homeschool Mom, TN

I really appreciate your help and I am enjoying taking math lessons from you. You teach things in simple ways that I can grasp.

Emmanuel H.

Student, WA

After our tutoring session on the quadratic formula, I did all the problems and got them all right!  Thank you so much for helping me!

Audrey C.

Student, TN

John successfully placed into calculus. He’s taking it this fall at the University of Memphis. So, with your program, he covered 6th grade math through precalculus in a summer!
Thank you!

Allyson C.

Homeschool Tutor, TN

I am very impressed with the content and how it’s delivered. Will be sharing!!

Jose B.

Student, NJ

I’ve struggled with math for so long, but  your courses has filled me with a desire to learn.  I’m optimistic about math now –   I wish I could put into words how happy I am!

Mike P.

Returning College Student, TX