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Tiers 1-5: Calculus STEM Math

College-bound STEM students need additional math beyond The Practical Math Foundation.  Our Calculus STEM Math Program gives them a deeper understanding of Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry and Complex Numbers, along with a revolutionary approach to learning Calculus along with standardized test preparation.

Our Calculus STEM Math Program is designed to:

  1. Develop a positive attitude toward math and to lose any fear or loathing of math.
  2. Learn the math needed to solve practical math problems and more in-depth problems without all the theory behind it.
  3. Provide a solid foundation to succeed in STEM subjects in college.

Your student will earn 9.0 Credits of High School Math in this program (1 Credit = 1 Semester OR 2 Credits = 1 Typical School Year):

  • .5 Credit Pre-Algebra
  • .5 Credit Consumer Math
  • .5 Credit Quantitative Reasoning
  • 1.0 Credit Algebra I
  • 1.0 Credit Algebra II
  • 1.0 Credit Geometry I
  • 1.0 Credit Geometry II (Analytical Geometry)
  • 1.5 Credit Trigonometry (Pre-Calculus)
  • 1.0 Credit Calculus I (Differential Calculus)
  • 1.0 Credit Calculus II (Integral Calculus)

Our Calculus STEM Math Program includes access to Tiers 1 through 5 giving you a complete high school STEM math curriculum!

Tier One:  Practical Math Foundation

  • Learning to use a TI 30XA scientific calculator – 17 lessons
  • Pre-Algebra Review – 11 lessons

Tier Two:  Practical Math Foundation

  • Algebra – 11 lessons
  • Geometry – 19 lessons
  • Trigonometry – 9 lessons

Tier Three:  Standardized Test Prep

  • Part One:  Additional Algebra – 15 Lessons
  • Part Two:  Special Topics – 14 Lessons
  • Part Three:  SAT/ACT Prep – 9 Lessons

Tier Four:  Math for College-Bound Students

  • Introduction to Wolfram Alpha, the amazing modern math tool
  • More In-Depth Geometry – 15 Lessons
  • More In-Depth Algebra – 15 Lessons
  • More In-Depth Trigonometry – 13 Lessons
  • Complex Numbers (A Modern Treatment) – 11 Lessons
  • Algebra Special Topics – 6 Lessons
  • Geometry Special Topics – 6 Lessons

Tier Five:  Math for College-Bound STEM Students

  • Part One:  Differential Calculus – 14 Lessons
  • Part Two:  Integral Calculus – 18 Lessons

Download a Complete Tier One through Five Syllabus.

Enrollment in the College-bound STEM Math program includes:

  • 204 online, self-paced instructional videos by Dr. Del.
  • PDF Notes and Exercises for each video lesson.
  • Online Quizzes for each video lesson.
  • Badges of Completion for each section completed.
  • FREE parent account with administrative tools like completion reports.
  • Membership in a student forum to get specific math questions answered by an expert!
  • BONUS!!! A TI 30Xa Scientific Calculator
  • BONUS!!! Dr. George Simmons book, “Pre-calculus in a Nutshell”
  • Full 30-day Money Back Guarantee!

Enroll your student for only $497 — OR — 6 monthly payments of $85/each

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Tier 6 may be purchased individually after completion of Tier 5 a la carte at $97 — OR — You can upgrade your program at any time and receive a credit for any monies paid.

Have more than one child?  Check out our Family Math Plan!