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Parent Resources

Our Mission is to help any student receive a great Math Education appropriate for his or her interests in life and to help each student become a Math Winner.

To help you achieve a great math education for your child, please access these free math educator resources and share with your friends!  These resources are not intended for instructional purposes for your student.  They are for you… the teacher.

For Beginners:

Post-Elementary Math can be a challenge for many home school parents. It can be very difficult to teach math unless you are a highly trained and experienced math teacher.  Craig Hane, Ph.D., aka Dr. Del, answers this question and many more in his eBook, “How to Give Your Child a Great Math Education in Algebra, Geometry & Trigonometry.”

Dr. Del introduces you to Math and explains where you want to start in this four minute video.

Watch this eight minute video to learn about SPIKE – The Five Essential Ingredients to a Successful Math Education.

Dr. Del walks you through what you need to initially teach your child in post-elementary math in this six minute video.

You start by teaching your child Practical Math.  Dr. Del explains Practical Math in this twelve minute video.

Dr. Del shares the Algebra topics you should teach your child first in this fifteen minute video.

Dr. Del shares the Geometry topics you should teach your child first in this fifteen minute video.

Dr. Del explores an interesting algorithm, but do you really need to know it?

For Students Who Struggle or Don’t Like Math:

Dr. Del’s eBook, “Math?  Help!”, is for all parents of a child struggling with math.  This book is also for your child.  Now you’ll both know why, and more importantly, what to do about it!

For Students Who Want the Best STEM Math Prep:

Dr. Del discusses the math your child will need if s/he is college-bound and/or wants to major in a STEM subject in this 14 minute video.

Dr. Del explains the math that college-bound STEM students need to know in this fifteen minute video.

Dr. Del introduces you to Calculus and why it’s important in this seven minute video.

Dr. Del introduces you to Differential Calculus in this 22 minute video.

Dr. Del introduces you to Integral Calculus in this 43 minute video.

Dr. Del explores the modern approach to teaching Calculus in his Special Report, “Calculus-A Modern Approach.”

Dr. Del shares his thoughts on Derivatives and the best approach to learning them in this twelve minute video.

Dr. Del introduces you to Integral Calculus in this thirteen minute video.

For Parents:

This eBook is for all math teachers, and for parents of a child who wants to learn math to possibly pursue a STEM career path.  Get an explanation of how and why our current Standard Math Curriculum taught in virtually all math textbooks is obsolete and placing our students who survive it at a severe handicap with international students.

This guide is for parents who want to teach high school math themselves.  This 29 page guide will give you lesson plans, resources, and more!

This webpage will give you expert advice and concrete steps you can take to combat the Retention Challenge.

There is only one book Dr. Del recommends you buy… and believe it or not it only costs around $15!  Watch this 15 minute video to learn about the book and to understand why spending more than $15 on a high school mathematics textbook is WORSE THAN A WASTE OF MONEY.

In this 12 minute video, Dr. Del explores the three types of learners and why a proper online math program will work for hands-on or kinesthetic learners.

For the Fun of Math:

There are actually multiple number systems.  For Practical Math, you only need the rational numbers (fractions).  But STEM students need to understand the Real and Complex number systems.  Learn more about number systems in this 16 minute video by Dr. Del.

Who was the real underdog?  Dr. Del explores the biblical story in terms of today’s technology and explains why it’s related to teaching math today in this 47 minute video.

Dr. Del discusses the concept of Infinity and why it’s important in math in this five minute video.

Dr. Del gives you an explanation you can understand in this four minute video.

Dr. Del shows you a way of remembering or deriving the formulas for volume and surface area of a sphere using a discovery of Archimedes in this six minute video.

Dr. Del takes a unique look at Zeno’s Paradox from a geometrical perspective, and then shares an example Zeno might have liked.  This 15 minute video is a prelude to fractal geometry.

Dr. Del explains why Galileo only bats 50% in this fourteen minute video.  This is a story Dr. Del shares with his students in Tier 5 on Calculus.

Triad Math Inc. and Dr. Del are here to help you learn how to select and deliver a post-elementary mathematics program that is optimal for your child.

If and when, at some point in the future, you would like to have Dr. Del help you educate your child in math, there is a way you can get started affordably with no risk.  Click Here to Learn How.

If you have a question that has not been answered, please email us at and we’ll get an answer for you!