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Tiers 1-3: SAT Math Prep

College-bound students need additional math beyond The Practical Math Foundation.  This program gives them a deeper understanding of Algebra, Geometry and Trigonometry… all necessary concepts no matter what subject they want to major in.  Plus, special lessons to prepare for the SAT or other standardized tests! (NOTE:  The CLT does not allow the use of calculators.)

Our SAT Math Prep Program is designed to:

  1. Develop a positive attitude toward math and to lose any fear or loathing of math.
  2. Learn the math needed to solve practical math problems and more in-depth problems without all the theory behind it.
  3. Provide a solid foundation to succeed in non-STEM subjects in college.

Your student will earn 4.0 Credits of High School Math in this program  (1 Credit = 1 Semester OR 2 Credits = 1 Typical School Year):

  • .5 Credit Pre-Algebra
  • 1.0 Credit Algebra I
  • 1.0 Credit Geometry I
  • .5 Credit Trigonometry (Practical)
  • .5 Credit Consumer Math
  • .5 Credit Quantitative Reasoning

Tier One:  Practical Math Foundation

  • Learning to use a TI 30XA scientific calculator – 17 lessons
  • Pre-Algebra Review – 11 lessons

Tier Two:  Practical Math Foundation

  • Algebra – 11 lessons
  • Geometry – 19 lessons
  • Trigonometry – 9 lessons

Tier Three:  Standardized Test Prep

  • Part One:  Additional Algebra – 15 Lessons
  • Part Two:  Special Topics – 14 Lessons
  • Part Three:  SAT Prep – 9 Lessons

Download a Complete Tier One through Three Syllabus.

Enrollment in the College-bound program includes:

  • 105 online, self-paced instructional videos by Dr. Del.
  • PDF Notes and Exercises for each video lesson.
  • Online Quizzes for each video lesson.
  • Badges of Completion for each section completed.
  • FREE parent account with administrative tools like completion reports.
  • Membership in a student forum to get specific math questions answered by an expert!
  • BONUS!!! A TI 30Xa Scientific Calculator
  • BONUS!!! Dr. George Simmons book, “Pre-calculus in a Nutshell”
  • Full 30-day Money Back Guarantee!

Enroll your student for only $297 — OR — 6 monthly payments of $50/each

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Tiers 4, 5 and 6 may be purchased individually after completion of Tier 4 a la carte at $97 each — OR — You can upgrade your program at any time and receive a credit for any monies paid.

Have more than one child?  Check out our Family Math Plan!