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Tiers 1-2: Practical Math

Practical Math is where each student starts.  It is the “Foundation” each student needs for everyday life or to move forward with further math studies based on their career goals.

The Practical Math Foundation is designed to:

  1. Develop a positive attitude toward math and to lose any fear or loathing of math.
  2. Learn the math needed to solve practical math problems that occur in everyday life.
  3. Provide a solid foundation to proceed in further math studies if appropriate for the student’s career goal.

Your student will earn 2.0 Credits of High School Math in this program (1 Credit = 1 Semester OR 2 Credits = 1 Typical School Year):

  • .5 Credit Pre-Algebra
  • .5 Credit Algebra I (Practical)
  • .5 Credit Geometry I (Practical)
  • .5 Credit Trigonometry (Practical)

The Practical Math Foundation is divided into two Tiers.  There are no premature, theoretical, or obsolete topics.

The Practical Math Foundation is ideal for students that have been struggling!

Tier 1 of the Foundation teaches the student:

  • How to use the TI-30Xa Scientific Calculator – 17 lessons
  • Pre-Algebra Review – 11 lessons

Tier 2 of the Foundation teaches the student:

  • Algebra – 11 lessons
  • Geometry – 19 lessons
  • Trigonometry – 9 lessons

Download Dr. Del’s Practical Math Foundation Syllabus

If your student is going into an apprenticeship, the military, a technical school, or the general workforce, Practical Math is all they will need!

Enrollment in The Practical Math Foundation includes:

  • 67 online, self-paced instructional videos by Dr. Del.
  • PDF Notes and Exercises for each video lesson.
  • Online Quizzes for each video lesson.
  • Badges of Completion for each section completed.
  • FREE parent account with administrative tools like completion reports.
  • Membership in a student forum to get specific math questions answered by an expert!
  • BONUS!!! A TI 30Xa Scientific Calculator
  • Full 30-day Money Back Guarantee!

Enroll Your Student in Dr. Del’s Practical Math Foundation today!

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Tiers 3-6 may be purchased individually after completion of the Foundation a la carte at $97 each.

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